Charlottesville Real Estate Brokers Who Care

September 24, 2016
Because every person and family is unique, every real estate transaction is unique. What that means is, a standardized one-size-fits-all approach will rarely be successful. One reason The New House Company is so successful is because they don’t use a cookie cutter. Whether you are a buyer who now wants to sell, a renter who now wants to buy, or even a seller who now wants to become a landlord, the highly skilled professionals at The New House Company team have seen it all and they can help.

The primary goal of The New House Company is to assist parties on all sides of every transaction in a way that makes them satisfied with the process. They are a team of highly qualified and experienced brokers and realtors who have all been working in the market for many years, so there are few situations they have not seen from their positions in real estate sales, leasing, and management. For clients, it means they can deal with everything and they can make them happy.

The New House Company Design

March 26, 2016
The New House Company was designed to help you find solutions to your real estate obstacles and turn your difficulties into assets. With over twenty years in the real estate business, The New House Company is able to offer a wide range of services, including but not limited to, leasing, listing, property management and more. Corish, the founder, always cherished relationships and that is why many of their clients have stayed with them for years and become friends.

Don’t let the questions you might have about the real estate industry overwhelm you. If you are considering selling, buying, or renting out a property, you don’t have to jump into the process alone, let the team at The New House Company help you. Contact them either by email, call or simply stopping by. They are prepared to find solutions to your real estate problems while treating you like family.